Holy Spirit

h6>Also see Pentecost

  1. Almighty Spirit, Now Behold
  2. Baptize Us Anew
  3. Behold Us, Lord, Before Thee Met
  4. Blessed Quietness
  5. Blest Comforter Divine
  6. Bounteous Spirit, Ever Shedding
  7. Breath of the Spirit, The
  8. Breathe Upon Us
  9. Brethren, We Have Met to Worship
  10. Bring Your Vessels, Not a Few
  11. Come, Blessed Spirit! Source of Light
  12. Come, Dearest Lord
  13. Come Down, O Love Divine
  14. Come, Gracious Lord, Descend and Dwell
  15. Come, Gracious Spirit, Heav’nly Dove
  16. Come, Holy Ghost, Creator Blest
  17. Come Holy Ghost, Eternal God
  18. Come, Holy Ghost, God and Lord!
  19. Come, Holy Ghost, Our Hearts Inspire
  20. Come, Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire
  21. Come, Holy Ghost, Who Ever One
  22. Come, Holy Ghost, with God the Son
  23. Come, Holy Spirit, Calm My Mind
  24. Come, Holy Spirit, Come (Beddome)
  25. Come, Holy Spirit, Come (Hart)
  26. Come Holy Spirit, Dove Divine (Hickok)
  27. Come, Holy Spirit, Dove Divine (Judson)
  28. Come, Holy Spirit, God and Lord!
  29. Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove
  30. Come, O Come, Thou Quickening Spirit
  31. Come, O Creator Spirit Blest
  32. Come, O Spirit
  33. Come, Thou Everlasting Spirit
  34. Come, Thou Holy Paraclete
  35. Come, Thou Holy Spirit, Come
  36. Come, Thou Soul-Transforming Spirit
  37. Come to Me, O Blessed Spirit
  38. Come to Our Poor Nature’s Night
  39. Comforter Has Come, The
  40. Creator Spirit, by Whose Aid
  41. Dwell in Me, O Blessèd Spirit
  42. Enthroned On High, Almighty Lord!
  43. Eternal Spirit, God of Truth
  44. Eternal Spirit! We Confess
  45. Fill Me Now
  46. God the Spirit, We Adore Thee
  47. Gracious Spirit, Dove Divine
  48. Gracious Spirit, Dwell with Me
  49. Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost
  50. Hallelujah!
  51. He Abides
  52. Head of Thy Church, Whose Spirit Fills
  53. Hear Us, Thou That Broodest
  54. Holy Ghost, Come Down Upon Thy Children
  55. Holy Ghost Is Here, The
  56. Holy Ghost, My Comforter
  57. Holy Ghost, with Light Divine
  58. Holy Spirit, The
  59. Holy Spirit, Come and Shine
  60. Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide
  61. Holy Spirit, from On High
  62. Holy Spirit, Hear Us (Mohr)
  63. Holy Spirit, Hear Us (Parker)
  64. Holy Spirit, Lord of Light
  65. Holy Spirit, Source of Gladness
  66. Holy Spirit, Truth Divine
  67. I Need to Be Filled
  68. I Worship Thee, O Holy Ghost
  69. In Thee, O Spirit, True and Tender
  70. It’s Real
  71. Jesu, My Savior, Brother, Friend
  72. Let the Holy Ghost Come In
  73. Like the Murmur of the Dove’s Song
  74. Lord God, the Holy Ghost
  75. O Breath of God, Breathe On Us Now
  76. O Come and Dwell in Me
  77. O Comforter, Gentle and Tender
  78. O for a Heart of Calm Repose
  79. O for That Flame of Living Fire
  80. O Heavenly Fount of Light and Love
  81. O Holy Ghost, Thy People Bless
  82. O Holy Spirit, Enter In
  83. O Holy Spirit, Lord of Grace
  84. O King Enthroned On High
  85. O Spirit of Life
  86. O Spirit of the Living God (Tweedy)
  87. O Spirit of the Living God (Montgomery)
  88. O Thou Whose Spirit Witness Bears
  89. Oh, Enter, Lord, Thy Temple
  90. Old—time Power
  91. Our Blest Redeemer, Ere He Breathed
  92. Pour Down Thy Spirit
  93. Pour Out Thy Spirit from On High
  94. Power of the Holy Ghost, The
  95. Seal Us, O Holy Spirit
  96. Send Down Thy Truth, O God
  97. Send the Fire
  98. Song of Praise, A
  99. Spirit Blest, Who Art Adored
  100. Spirit Divine, Attend Our Prayer
  101. Spirit of Faith, Come Down
  102. Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart
  103. Spirit of God, That Moved of Old
  104. Spirit of Holiness, Descend
  105. Spirit of Mercy, Truth and Love
  106. Spirit, Strength of All the Weak
  107. They Were in an Upper Chamber
  108. To Thee, O Comforter Divine
  109. Thou Power and Peace
  110. Thy Holy Spirit, Lord, Alone
  111. Thy Home Is with the Humble, Lord
  112. Waiting for the Promise
  113. We Now Implore God the Holy Ghost
  114. When the Comforter Came
  115. Why Should the Children of a King

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