1. Abide Not in the Realm of Dreams
  2. Awake, My Zeal; Awake, My Love
  3. Be Strong!
  4. Believing Fathers Oft Have Told
  5. Carry Your Cross with a Smile
  6. Christ of the Upward Way
  7. Christians, Lo, the Star Appeareth
  8. Christian, Rise and Act Thy Creed
  9. Forth in the Dawn— Light
  10. Gather the Grain
  11. Go Work in My Vineyard
  12. God of the Strong, God of the Weak
  13. God the Lord Does Ask
  14. Handful of Leaves, A
  15. He Set the Task for Me
  16. Help Us Labor On
  17. I Want to Be a Worker
  18. In the Service of My King!
  19. In the Service of the King
  20. Is Your All On the Altar?
  21. It May Not Be Our Lot
  22. Jesus, Thou Divine Companion
  23. Little Is Much When God Is in It
  24. Love Consecrates the Humblest Act
  25. Make Haste, O Man, to Live
  26. My God, My Father, Make Me Strong
  27. O God, Who Workest Hitherto
  28. O Lord of Life, and Love, and Power
  29. O Daughters Blest of Galilee
  30. Oh, What Are You Going to Do?
  31. Press On, Press On, Ye Workers
  32. Psalm of the Valley
  33. Ready
  34. Resting by and By
  35. Saved to Serve
  36. Seal Us, O Holy Spirit
  37. Servant of All, to Toil for Man
  38. Service of the King, The
  39. Son of Man Goes Forth Today, The
  40. Strengthen for Service, Lord
  41. Thine for Service
  42. Up and Onward
  43. We All Can Do Something for Jesus
  44. We Thank Thee, Lord, Thy Paths of Service Lead
  45. We’ll Work
  46. We’ll Work Till Jesus Comes
  47. When My Weary Hands Are Folded
  48. When Through the Whirl of Wheels
  49. Whom Shall I Send?
  50. Work for Jesus
  51. Work for Us All
  52. Your Mission

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