1. Alas, My God, My Sins Are Great
  2. Amidst Thy Wrath Remember Love
  3. Arise, My Ten’drest Thoughts, Arise
  4. Because I Knew Not When My Life Was Good
  5. Before Thy Throne, O God, We Kneel
  6. Bethesda
  7. Blest Is the Man, Forever Blest
  8. Calling the Prodigal
  9. Child in the Midst, The
  10. Christ a Blind Man Saw One Day
  11. Come Home, My Child
  12. Come, Let Our Souls Adore the Lord
  13. Coming Home
  14. Coming Home to Thee
  15. Drop, Drop, Slow Tears
  16. Father, Hear Thy Children’s Call
  17. Father, Whose Love We Have Wronged by Transgression
  18. God, Be Merciful to Me
  19. Good News
  20. He, Whose Confession God of Old Accepted
  21. How Blest Is He Whose Trespass
  22. Have Compassion, Lord, On Me!
  23. Hearts of Stone, Relent, Relent
  24. How David, When by Sin Deceived
  25. How Oft, Alas!
  26. I Am Coming Home
  27. In Evil Long I Took Delight
  28. Is Thy Heart Right with God?
  29. Jesus, Let Thy Pitying Eye
  30. Last Prayer, A
  31. Let the World Their Virtue Boast
  32. Like a Wayward Child I Wandered
  33. Lord, I Deserve Thy Deepest Wrath
  34. Lord, I’m Coming Home
  35. Lord, Like the Publican I Stand
  36. Lord, Thou Hast Greatly Blessed Our Land
  37. Lord, to Thee Alone We Turn
  38. Lord, to Thee I Make Confession
  39. Lord, When We Bend Before Thy Throne
  40. Lovers of Pleasure More Than God
  41. Memories of Mother
  42. Mother Is Praying for Me
  43. Mistakes of My Life, The
  44. My Sins Have Taken Such a Hold On Me
  45. My Soul Before Thee Prostrate Lies
  46. No, Not Despairingly
  47. O Blessèd Souls Are They
  48. O for a Glance of Heavenly Day
  49. O for That Tenderness of Heart
  50. O God, the God That Saveth Me
  51. O God, Thy Righteousness We Own
  52. O God, to Know That Thou Art Just
  53. O Great God of Nations
  54. O Jesu Christ, If Aught There Be
  55. O Jesus, Lord Most Merciful
  56. O Lord of Life, and Love, and Power
  57. O Lord, Turn Not Thy Face from Me
  58. O That I Could Repent
  59. O Thou That Hear’st When Sinners Cry
  60. O Turn Ye, for Why Will Ye Die
  61. Oh Thou Whose Tender Mercy Hears
  62. Our Guilt Do We Confess Today
  63. Out of the Deep I Call
  64. People of the Living God
  65. Poor Esau Repented Too Late
  66. Prodigal Son, The
  67. Prostrate, Dear Jesus, At Thy Feet
  68. Repent, the Kingdom Draweth Nigh
  69. Repent! ’Tis the Voice of Jesus
  70. Return, O Wanderer, Return
  71. Return, O Wanderer, to Thy Home
  72. Righteous Father, We Have Wronged Thee
  73. Room for the Penitent
  74. Savior, Prince of Israel’s Race
  75. Savior, to Thy Mercy Seat
  76. Search Me, O God
  77. Show Pity, Lord, O Lord, Forgive
  78. Sinners, the Voice of God Regard
  79. Son of the Highest, Deign to Cast
  80. Stay, Thou Insulted Spirit, Stay
  81. Take Me as I Am
  82. Take Me, O My Father, Take Me
  83. Take the Home-path
  84. Tell Mother I’ll Be There
  85. Th’abyss of Many a Former Sin
  86. There Is Joy
  87. Thou Son of God, Whose Flaming Eyes
  88. To Jesus I Will Go
  89. Turn Back, O Man
  90. Voice by Jordan’s Shore, A
  91. Weary of Earth, and Laden with My Sin
  92. Weary of Wandering from My God
  93. Welcome! Wanderer, Welcome!
  94. Where Will You Spend Eternity?
  95. While O’er Our Guilty Land, O Lord
  96. With Broken Heart and Contrite Sigh
  97. Yea, as I Live, Jehovah Saith

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