1. As Light, O Christ
  2. Come, Blessed Spirit! Source of Light
  3. Dayspring of Eternity
  4. Eternal Beam of Light Divine
  5. Eternal Light
  6. Eternal Light, Divinity
  7. Eternal Sun of Righteousness
  8. Father of Lights
  9. Father, Who the Light This Day
  10. Follow the Gleam
  11. Give Light, O Lord
  12. God’s Free Mercy Streameth
  13. God Make My Life a Little Light
  14. Hail, Gladdening Light
  15. Hail to the Lord Who Comes
  16. Happy Sunbeams
  17. Heavenly Sunlight
  18. He’ll Drive All the Shadows Away
  19. Holy Father, Cheer Our Way
  20. Holy Ghost, with Light Divine
  21. How Shall I Sing That Majesty
  22. I Wandered in the Shades of Night
  23. I Will Make the Darkness Light
  24. Jesus Bids Us Shine
  25. Jesus, Let All Thy Lovers Shine
  26. Lead, Kindly Light
  27. Lamp of Our Feet
  28. Let the Blessed Sunlight In
  29. Let the Light Stream In
  30. Let the Sunshine In
  31. Let Us Walk in the Light
  32. Life and Light
  33. Lift Thy Face to the Light!
  34. Light Came Out of Darkness, A
  35. Light in the Valley
  36. Light of Light, Enlighten Me
  37. Light of Those Whose Dreary Dwelling
  38. Light of the Lonely Pilgrim’s Heart
  39. Light of the World! Faint Were Our Weary Feet
  40. Light of the World! Forever, Ever Shining
  41. Light of the World Is Jesus, The
  42. Light of the World, We Hail Thee
  43. Light of the World’s Dark Story
  44. Lighten the Darkness
  45. Lord Is My Light, The
  46. Marching in the Light
  47. Morning
  48. Morning Light
  49. O Blest Creator of the Light
  50. O Christ, Our True and Only Light
  51. O Christ, Who Art the Light and Day
  52. O Everlasting Light
  53. O God, Before Thy Sun’s Bright Beams
  54. O God of Light
  55. O Grant Us Light
  56. O Light, from Age to Age the Same
  57. O Light That Knew No Dawn
  58. O Light, Whose Beams Illumine All
  59. O Lord of Life
  60. O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright
  61. O One with God the Father
  62. O Splendor of God’s Glory Bright
  63. O Trinity of Blessed Light
  64. O Unity of Threefold Light
  65. O Very God of Very God
  66. Old, Old Way, The
  67. Once My Way Was Dark and Dreary
  68. Only a Beam of Sunshine
  69. Press On, Press On, Ye Sons of Light
  70. Scatter Sunshine
  71. Send Forth, O God, Thy Light and Truth
  72. Send Out a Light
  73. Send the Light
  74. Shine for Jesus
  75. Shining Out of Darkness
  76. Sometimes a Light Surprises
  77. Stepping in the Light
  78. Sunshine in the Soul
  79. Sweet Savior, Bless Us Ere We Go
  80. There’s a Light in the Valley
  81. This Is the Day of Light
  82. This Night a Wondrous Revelation
  83. Thou Light of Gentile Nations
  84. Thou, Whose Almighty Word
  85. Trim Thy Lamp
  86. Trusting Jesus, Wonderful Guide
  87. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
  88. Walk in the Light
  89. We Hail the Rising Day Star
  90. We’ll Outshine the Sun
  91. Ye Are the Light of the World
  92. Ye Clouds and Darkness, Hosts of Night

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