Christ the Shepherd

  1. Bishop of the Souls of Men
  2. Break Forth, O Joyful Heart
  3. Bring Them In
  4. Christ, Who Once Among Us
  5. Come Unto Me, Ye Weary (Crosby)
  6. Dear Shepherd of Thy People, Hear
  7. Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd
  8. Faithful Shepherd, Feed Me
  9. “Follow Me!” a Call so Tender
  10. Gentle Shepherd, Thou Hast Stilled
  11. Gracious Savior, Gentle Shepherd
  12. Great Shepherd of Thy Chosen Flock
  13. Happy Soul, That, Free from Harms
  14. He Feedeth His Flock
  15. He Is Mine
  16. How Happy Are the Little Flock
  17. I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb
  18. I Met the Good Shepherd
  19. I Wandered Sore Distressed
  20. I Was a Wandering Sheep
  21. Jesus Makes My Heart Rejoice
  22. Jesus, Tender Shepherd, Hear Me
  23. King of Love My Shepherd Is, The
  24. Like Sheep We Went Astray
  25. Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep
  26. Lovingly the Shepherd
  27. My Sheep Know My Voice
  28. My Shepherd Fills My Every Need
  29. My Shepherd Is the Lamb
  30. My Shepherd Leads
  31. Ninety and Nine, The
  32. Safe in the Shepherd’s Care
  33. Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us
  34. See Israel’s Gentle Shepherd Stand
  35. Seeking the Lost
  36. Shepherd Divine, Our Wants Relieve
  37. Shepherd of Love, The
  38. Shepherd of Tender Youth
  39. Shepherd’s Call, The
  40. Shepherd’s Fold On High, The
  41. Shepherds Had an Angel, The
  42. Souls of Men, Why Will Ye Scatter
  43. There’s a Light in the Valley
  44. Thou Art My Shepherd
  45. True Shepherd, The
  46. Ye Little Flock Whom Jesus Feeds

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