Christ’s Invitation

  1. All Is Ready
  2. All Things Are Ready
  3. All Those That Pass By
  4. All Ye Who Seek for Sure Relief
  5. Almost
  6. Art Thou Weary, Art Thou Languid?
  7. Behold the Wondrous Love
  8. Blessed Are They That Believe
  9. Bring Your Burden
  10. Choose Ye Today
  11. Close Thy Heart No More
  12. Come Believing!
  13. Come, for All Things Are Ready!
  14. Come, for the Feast Is Spread
  15. Come Hither, All Ye Weary Souls
  16. Come, Oh, Come to Me
  17. Come, Oh Come, with Thy Broken Heart
  18. Come, Sinner, Come
  19. Come, Sinners, to the Gospel Feast
  20. Come to the Fountain
  21. Come to the Savior
  22. Come to the Savior Now
  23. Come Unto Me (Hewitt)
  24. Come Unto Me (Jones)
  25. Come Unto Me (Norton)
  26. Come Unto Me (Peterson)
  27. Come Unto Me, and Rest
  28. Come Unto Me, Ye Weary
  29. Come, Ye Souls by Sin Afflicted
  30. Go Tell Your Story to Jesus
  31. Hark! Hark, My Soul!
  32. Hark! There Comes a Whisper
  33. He Gives the Power
  34. He Included Me
  35. Hear, and Live!
  36. Hear the Word
  37. Ho, Every One That Is Thirsty!
  38. Ho! Every One That Thirsts, Draw Nigh
  39. How Sweetly Flowed the Gospel’s Sound
  40. Jesus! Dear Name, How Sweet It Sounds!
  41. Jesus Is Tenderly Calling You Home
  42. Jesus Will Let You In
  43. Just as Thou Art
  44. Listen to the Blessed Invitation
  45. Let Every Mortal Ear Attend
  46. Lo, a Loving Friend Is Waiting
  47. Music and Love
  48. O Precious Word
  49. Out of the Ark
  50. Out On the Desert
  51. Prepare to Meet Thy God
  52. Repent! ’Tis the Voice of Jesus
  53. Room for You
  54. Sinner, Come to Jesus
  55. Sinners, Will You Scorn the Message
  56. Spirit in Our Hearts, The
  57. Still Throned in Heav’n
  58. Stop, Poor Sinner, Stop and Think
  59. Today Thy Mercy Calls Me
  60. Wanderer, The
  61. Watchman, Blow the Gospel Trumpet
  62. Water of Life, The
  63. Who Is This of Whom Ye Tell?
  64. Whoever Will
  65. Whosoever Will
  66. Will You Come? (Reynolds)
  67. Will You Go?
  68. Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?
  69. Ye Wretched, Hungry, Starving Poor
  70. Yet There Is Room

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