Following Christ

  1. All the Way with Jesus
  2. Be Firm and Be Faithful
  3. Behold, the Master Passeth By
  4. Broad Is the Road
  5. Brothers, Joining Hand to Hand
  6. By and By (Blackall)
  7. Come and Hear the Words of Jesus
  8. Come! Tune Your Heart
  9. Decision
  10. Every Bridge Is Burned Behind Me
  11. Far, Far On the Other Side
  12. “Follow Me!” a Call so Tender
  13. Follow Me, the Master Said
  14. From Bethlehem to Calvary
  15. Fully Surrendered
  16. Gladly We Will Go
  17. Good Old Way, The
  18. Hallelujah Side, The
  19. He Sat to Watch O’er Customs Paid
  20. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord, Thy Disciples
  21. How Shall I Follow Him I Serve?
  22. I Love to Walk with Jesus
  23. I Will Follow Thee (Elginburg)
  24. I Will Follow Thee (Oatman)
  25. I Will Never Turn Back
  26. If Jesus Goes with Me
  27. If You Would Come After Me
  28. I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go
  29. I’m Going Through
  30. In the Highway of the King
  31. Is Not This the Land of Beulah?
  32. Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken
  33. Jesus I Will Never Leave
  34. Jesus, Jesus Only
  35. Jesus, Jesus, Only Jesus
  36. Jesus, My All, to Heaven Has Gone
  37. Jesus Only (Kirkland)
  38. Jesus Only, Let Me See
  39. King’s Highway, The
  40. Leaving All to Follow Jesus
  41. Let Thoughtless Thousands Choose
  42. Living for Jesus (Chisholm)
  43. Living for Jesus (Crosby)
  44. Living for Jesus (Weigle)
  45. Looking Upward Every Day
  46. Lord, I Want to Be a Christian
  47. Loyalty to Christ (Barrett)
  48. Loyalty to Christ (Cassel)
  49. Master, We Thy Footsteps Follow
  50. My Lord, My Truth, My Way
  51. O How Happy Are They Who the Savior Obey
  52. O Jesus, I Have Promised
  53. O Jesus, Youth of Nazareth
  54. O Thou My Soul, Forget No More
  55. O Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus
  56. Our Land for Christ
  57. Savior! I Follow On
  58. Singing, Speaking, Praying
  59. Son of God Goes Forth to War, The
  60. Speak for Jesus
  61. Step by Step (Simpson)
  62. Strong, Righteous Man of Galilee
  63. There Will I Follow Thee
  64. Thou Say’st, “Take Up Thy Cross”
  65. Through Good Report and Evil, Lord
  66. Walking in the Good Old Way
  67. We Will Follow Thee
  68. What Is the World to Me?
  69. Where He Leads I’ll Follow
  70. Where He Leads Me
  71. Who Will Follow Jesus?
  72. You May Have the Joy—bells

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