Christ’s Blood

  1. And Can It Be That I Should Gain?
  2. Are You Washed in the Blood?
  3. Blessed Be the Fountain
  4. Blood of Christ, Thy Spotless Lamb, The
  5. Blood of His Covenant
  6. Blood Will Never Lose Its Power, The
  7. Blood—washed Throng, The
  8. Calvary’s Stream Is Flowing
  9. Cleansed in Our Savior’s Precious Blood
  10. Cleansing Fountain, The
  11. Cleansing Wave
  12. Come to Calvary’s Holy Mountain
  13. Covered by the Blood
  14. Deeper Yet
  15. Faith in the Blood
  16. Forever Here My Rest Shall Be
  17. Glory Be to Jesus
  18. Half Has Never Been Told, The
  19. He Who Once in Righteous Vengeance
  20. Heal Me Now
  21. Healing At the Fountain
  22. His Blood Availed for Me
  23. His Blood Has Made Me Whole
  24. I Have Found a Precious Resting Place
  25. I See a Crimson Stream
  26. I Will Pass over You
  27. It Cleanseth Me
  28. It Is the Blood That Washes White
  29. Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness
  30. Jesus, Whose Blood so Freely Streamed
  31. Just as I Am
  32. Lo, the Destroying Angel Flies
  33. Nothing but the Blood
  34. O Happy Day, When First Was Poured
  35. O Savior, Who for Man Hast Trod
  36. Saved by the Blood (Crosby)
  37. Saved by the Blood (Henderson)
  38. Saved Thru Jesus’ Blood
  39. Take Me as I Am, O Savior
  40. There Is Peace
  41. There Is Power in the Blood
  42. There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood
  43. There Is a Green Hill Far Away
  44. Thrice Blessèd Ground
  45. Under the Blood (Guirey)
  46. Under the Blood (Hewitt)
  47. Washed in the Blood of My Redeemer
  48. Washed in the Blood of the Lamb
  49. When I See the Blood
  50. Where the Blood Can Heal!
  51. Whiter Than Snow
  52. Yes, I Know!
  53. You Must Be Redeemed

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