Accepting Christ

  1. Ah! Whither Should I Go?
  2. Almost Persuaded
  3. And Can I Yet Delay?
  4. Are You Coming Home Tonight?
  5. Christ a Blind Man Saw One Day
  6. Come, Humble Sinner
  7. Come in, O Blessed One
  8. Come in, O Come!
  9. Come, Soul, and Find Thy Rest
  10. Come to Jesus
  11. Delay Not, O Sinner, Draw Near
  12. For God so Loved the World
  13. Get Right with God (Oliver)
  14. Give Him the Glory
  15. Gospel Echoes
  16. Hallowed Spot, The
  17. Handwriting On the Wall, The
  18. Hasten, Sinner, to Be Wise
  19. Have You Any Room for Jesus?
  20. He Is Knocking
  21. How Few Receive with Cordial Faith
  22. I Am Resolved
  23. I Have Settled the Question
  24. I Know He Is Mine
  25. I Remember When My Burdens Rolled Away
  26. I Will Never Turn Back
  27. If Any Man Hear
  28. If Thou Shalt Confess
  29. I’ll Bear It, Lord, for Thee
  30. I’ll Stand by Until the Morning
  31. In Jesus
  32. In the Heart of Jesus
  33. In the Silent Midnight Watches
  34. Into My Heart
  35. It Must Be Settled Tonight
  36. I’ve a Message from the Lord
  37. I’ve Found Him
  38. Jesus Is Passing This Way
  39. Let Him Come In
  40. Let Jesus Come into Your Heart
  41. Let Him In
  42. Let the Dear Savior Come In
  43. Lord, I Was Blind
  44. More Abundantly (Gabriel)
  45. None but Christ
  46. Now Is the Accepted Time
  47. My God, I Am Thine
  48. O Be Saved
  49. O! Say, but I’m Glad
  50. O That Pearl of Great Price
  51. Only a Step
  52. Out of My Bondage, Sorrow, and Night
  53. Out of the Ark
  54. Over the Line
  55. Ring the Bells of Heaven
  56. Room for Jesus
  57. Satisfied
  58. Say, Sinner! Hath a Voice Within
  59. See, Sinners, in the Gospel Glass
  60. Shall I Be Saved Tonight?
  61. Since Jesus Came into My Heart
  62. Still Out of Christ
  63. Stranger of Galilee, The
  64. Take the Wings of the Morning
  65. There Is Life for a Look
  66. Tomorrow
  67. Too Late
  68. Trifle Not
  69. Weary Souls, That Wander Wide
  70. What Did He Do?
  71. What Must I Do?
  72. What Will You Do with Jesus?
  73. Where Will You Spend Eternity?
  74. Wherefore Do the Nations Rage
  75. Who At My Door Is Standing?
  76. Why Did the Gentiles Tumults Raise?
  77. Why Not Say Yes Tonight?
  78. Why Will Ye Wander?
  79. Why Will Ye Waste On Trifling Cares
  80. Why Do You Wait?
  81. Will You Come?
  82. Will You Take Jesus Today?
  83. Would You Believe?
  84. Ye Thirsty for God
  85. Yes, There Is Pardon for You

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