Worshiping God

  1. Amid the Thronging Worshippers
  2. Around the Throne of God
  3. Before Thee, Lord, a People Waits
  4. Behold We Come, Dear Lord, to Thee
  5. Brethren, We Have Met to Worship
  6. Church in the Village, The
  7. Come, O Thou God of Grace
  8. Come, Thou Desire of All Thy Saints
  9. Enter and Worship Here
  10. Father, Before Thy Throne of Light
  11. Father, in Thy Mysterious Presence Kneeling
  12. God Is in His Temple
  13. God of All Comfort
  14. Great God! to Me the Sight Afford
  15. Hail, Holy Light! the World Rejoices
  16. Hark, ’Tis the Holy Temple’s Bell
  17. Hark to the Bells
  18. He Sang in the Old Church Choir
  19. Holy Air Is Breathing Round, A
  20. How Awesome Is This Place
  21. How Charming Is the Place
  22. How Dear to Me, O Lord of Hosts
  23. How Did My Heart Rejoice to Hear
  24. How Lovely, How Divinely Sweet
  25. How Pleasant, How Divinely Fair
  26. How Pleased and Blest Was I
  27. In Thy Holy Place
  28. In Thy Name, O Lord, Assembling
  29. Jesus, Thou Soul of All Our Joys
  30. Lift Up Your Hearts
  31. Lo, God Is Here!
  32. Lord, Behold Us with Thy Blessing
  33. Lord God, We Worship Thee
  34. Lord Is in His Holy Place, The
  35. Lord of the Hearts of Men
  36. Lord, We Come Before Thee Now
  37. Lord, What a Change Within Us
  38. My Heart Was Glad to Hear the Welcome Sound
  39. My Soul, How Lovely Is the Place
  40. No Voice but Thine
  41. Not Here, as to the Prophet’s Eye
  42. Now Before Thee, Lord, We Gather
  43. Now Unto Jehovah, Ye Sons of the Mighty
  44. Now with Joyful Exultation
  45. O Come All Ye Saints
  46. O God of Hosts, the Mighty Lord
  47. O God, Thou High and Lofty One
  48. O Lord, Almighty God
  49. O Lord, Around Thy Altar Now
  50. O Lord, Give Heed Unto Our Plea
  51. O Lord,  How Joyful ’Tis to See
  52. O Thou, Our Savior, Brother, Friend
  53. O Thou to Whom, in Ancient Time
  54. O Thou Who Dwell’st On High
  55. O Thou Whose Hand Hath Brought Us
  56. On What Has Now Been Sown
  57. Once More We Come Before Our God
  58. One Cup of Healing Oil and Wine
  59. Only Begotten, Word of God Eternal
  60. See, Jesus, Thy Disciples See
  61. Stealing from the World Away
  62. There’s a Garden
  63. Thou Son of God, Whose Flaming Eyes
  64. Thus Saith the Lord, “The Spacious Fields”
  65. Thy Mansion Is the Christian’s Heart
  66. Thy Presence, Gracious God, Afford
  67. To Thy Temple Holy
  68. To Thy Temple I Repair
  69. Together, Lord, We Come to Thee
  70. Tread Softly
  71. Unto Thy Temple, Lord, We Come
  72. We Gather Together
  73. We Love the Place, O God
  74. We Now Have Met to Worship Thee
  75. We Worship Thee, Almighty Lord
  76. Welcome Hour of Prayer
  77. What Joy There Is
  78. What Shall I Render to the Lord
  79. When the Great Sun Sinks to His Rest
  80. Where Two or Three, with Sweet Accord
  81. With Happy Voices Ringing
  82. With Joy and Gladness in My Soul
  83. With Joy I Heard My Friends Exclaim
  84. With Joy We Lift Our Eyes
  85. With Reverence Let the Saints Appear
  86. Within Thy Temple, Lord
  87. Within Thy Temple’s Sacred Courts
  88. Ye That Obey Th’immortal King

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