1. Ancient Law Departs, The
  2. Author of Faith, Eternal Word
  3. Blessed Are They That Believe
  4. Blessed Lord, in Thee Is Refuge
  5. Brave Daniel
  6. By Faith in Christ I Walk with God
  7. Eternal Gifts of Christ the King, The
  8. Eye of Faith, The
  9. Faith Brings the Victory
  10. Faith Grasps the Blessing
  11. Faith in Jesus
  12. Faith in the Word of God
  13. Faith Is a Living Power from Heaven
  14. Faith Is the Victory
  15. Faith Means We’re Sure
  16. Faith of Our Brothers
  17. Faith of Our Fathers
  18. Faith of Our Mothers
  19. Far off I See the Goal
  20. Father of Jesus Christ, My Lord
  21. Firmly I Believe and Truly
  22. Fish in Wave, the Bird On Wing, The
  23. Forth from the Dark and Stormy Sky
  24. Fully Persuaded
  25. Give Me the Faith Which Can Remove
  26. Give Me the Wings of Faith
  27. God the Father’s Only Son
  28. Have Faith, Speak and Pray
  29. He That Believes and Is Baptized
  30. Here At Bethesda’s Pool
  31. How Sad Our State by Nature Is!
  32. I Know My Faith Is Founded
  33. I Know Whom I Have Believed
  34. If, On a Quiet Sea
  35. If Thy Belovèd Son, O God
  36. I’m Happy Now
  37. Jesus, These Eyes Have Never Seen
  38. Joy Unspeakable
  39. Let Christian Faith and Hope Dispel
  40. Let Us Plead for Faith Alone
  41. Living by Faith
  42. Lord, I Believe
  43. Lord, I Believe a Rest Remains
  44. Lord, Believe, Thy Power I Own
  45. Lord, When Thy Kingdom Comes
  46. Lord Will Happiness Divine, The
  47. My Faith Has Found a Resting Place
  48. My Faith, It Is an Oaken Staff
  49. My Faith Looks Up to Thee
  50. Never Give Up
  51. No Strength of Nature Can Suffice
  52. O, for a Faith That Will Not Shrink
  53. O Gift of Gifts!
  54. O God, Who Didst Thy Will Unfold
  55. O Love! O Life!
  56. Old Fashioned Way, The
  57. Only Believe
  58. Only Thy Garment’s Hem
  59. Prisoners of Hope, Arise
  60. Rise, O My Soul, Pursue the Path
  61. Savior, I Have Need of Thee
  62. Shall Atheists Dare Insult the Cross
  63. Spirit of Faith, Come Down
  64. Supported by the Word
  65. They That Overcome
  66. Thou Art the Christ, O Lord
  67. ’Tis by the Faith of Joys to Come
  68. ’Tis Summer in My Heart
  69. Verily, I Say Unto You
  70. Victory Ahead
  71. We Believe in God the Father
  72. We Have Not Seen, We Cannot See
  73. We Saw Thee Not
  74. We Walk by Faith (Alford)
  75. We Walk by Faith (Crosby)
  76. We Believe in One True God
  77. What We Stand For
  78. When Musing Sorrow Weeps the Past
  79. When My Love to God Grows Weak
  80. Whether the Word Be Preached or Read

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