1. Ambassadors of God
  2. Are You Sowing the Seed?
  3. Are You Winning Souls?
  4. Are You Working?
  5. Arise! Arise, with Joy Survey
  6. Behold the Messengers of Christ
  7. Blest Creator of the Light
  8. Brightly Did the Light Divine
  9. Bring Them In
  10. Bringing in the Sheaves
  11. Call for Workers
  12. Call Them In
  13. Carry the Light
  14. Christ for the World We Sing
  15. Church of Christ, O Sleep No More
  16. Come, Labor On
  17. Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd
  18. Don’t Lose the Vision
  19. Endeavor Hymn
  20. From the Depths of Sin and Failure
  21. Let the Round World with Songs Rejoice
  22. Far and Near
  23. From Out the Cloud of Amber Light
  24. Garnered Sheaves
  25. Gather in the Sheaves
  26. Gather the Grain
  27. Gather Them In
  28. Gird On the Royal Armor
  29. Give Me a Passion for Souls
  30. Gleaner, The
  31. Go and Work!
  32. Go, Labor On: Spend, and Be Spent
  33. Go Work in the Vineyard
  34. Harvest Bells
  35. Harvest Time
  36. Have You Not a Word for Jesus?
  37. He That Goeth Forth with Weeping
  38. He Was Not Willing
  39. Here Am I, Send Me
  40. Ho! Reapers of Life’s Harvest
  41. Honey in the Rock
  42. I’ll Be a Voice
  43. It Must Be Told
  44. Jesus Only Is Our Message
  45. Jonah
  46. Just a Little
  47. Just a Little Help from You
  48. Keep Telling It
  49. Last Mile of the Way, The
  50. Lead Me to Some Soul Today
  51. Let All On Earth Their Voices Raise
  52. Let the Joy Overflow
  53. Let the Lower Lights Be Burning
  54. Let Us Away
  55. Lift Him Up
  56. Lo! the Golden Fields Are Smiling
  57. Lonely Voices Crying in the City
  58. Look from the Sphere of Endless Day
  59. Lord, Give Us Souls
  60. Lord of the Harvest, Hear
  61. Lord of the Living Harvest
  62. Make Haste!
  63. Must I Go, and Empty—handed?
  64. Never Be Afraid
  65. Nothing but Leaves
  66. O Fly to Him
  67. O Let Me Tell It Once Again
  68. O Still in Accents Sweet and Strong
  69. O Thou, Before Whose Presence
  70. Only Once You Pass This Way
  71. Our Country’s Voice Is Pleading
  72. Our Rally Song
  73. Over and over Again
  74. Reapers Are Needed (DeArmond)
  75. Reapers Are Needed (Gabriel)
  76. Rescue the Perishing
  77. Saint Who First Found Grace to Pen, The
  78. Saints of God! the Dawn Is Brightening
  79. Savior, to Thee We Raise Our Hymn
  80. Scattering Precious Seed
  81. Search Light
  82. See How Great a Flame Aspires
  83. Seeking the Lost (Buchanan)
  84. Send Out the Sunlight
  85. Since Through God’s Mercy
  86. Soldiers of Christ, in Truth Arrayed
  87. Some One Who Knows
  88. Someone Is Looking to You
  89. Songs of the Reaper, The
  90. Sound the Alarm!
  91. Sow in the Morn Thy Seed
  92. Sowing with Song and Prayer
  93. Speak, My Lord
  94. Speed for Thy Life
  95. Sweet Voices
  96. Tell It Again
  97. Tell It Over Again
  98. They That Be Wise
  99. Thou Who Sentest Thine Apostles
  100. Throw Out the Life—line
  101. Voice Says Cry!, The
  102. Welcome, One and All
  103. What Shall the Harvest Be?
  104. What’s the News?
  105. Where Hast Thou Gleaned Today?
  106. Where the Savior Leads
  107. Who Is On the Lord’s Side?
  108. Win the One Next to You
  109. With Thine Own Pity, Savior, See
  110. Wonderful Message
  111. Won’t Somebody Tell Them?
  112. Won’t You Pray?
  113. Ye Sons of Earth Prepare the Plough
  114. Your Mission

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