1. Few More Years Shall Roll, A
  2. Abide with Us, the Day Is Waning
  3. Again the Lord’s Own Day Is Here
  4. All Men Living Are but Mortal
  5. Almighty Father of Mankind
  6. And Am I Only Born to Die?
  7. And Let This Feeble Body Fail
  8. Asleep in Jesus
  9. Away with Our Sorrow and Fear
  10. Beautiful Beckoning Hands
  11. Beloved, Sleep
  12. By Cool Siloam’s Shady Rill
  13. Christ, Enthroned in Highest Heaven
  14. Christ Will Gather in His Own
  15. Christian’s “Good Night”, The
  16. Crossing the Bar
  17. Come, Let Us Join Our Friends Above
  18. Day Is Gently Sinking to a Close, The
  19. Day Is Past and Gone, The
  20. Days and Moments Quickly Flying
  21. Death Hath No Terrors
  22. Dust to Dust, the Mortal Dies
  23. End of the Road, The
  24. Eternity
  25. Farewell I Gladly Bid Thee
  26. Father of Jesus Christ, My Lord
  27. Father of Spirits, Whose Divine Control
  28. Father, Who Hast Gathered
  29. Few More Marchings Weary, A
  30. Few More Years Will Roll, A
  31. For Those We Love Within the Veil
  32. Forever with the Lord
  33. Friend After Friend Departs
  34. Gentle Shepherd, Thou Hast Stilled
  35. God of the Living, in Whose Eyes
  36. God the Father, God the Son
  37. Good Night and Good Morning
  38. Great God, I Own Thy Sentence Just
  39. Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord
  40. Hallelujah, We Shall Rise
  41. Hark, a Voice Divides the Sky
  42. Hark! from the Tombs a Doleful Sound
  43. Hear This, All Ye People, Hear
  44. Hear What the Voice from Heav’n Proclaims
  45. Here, Lord, We Offer Thee
  46. Home of the Soul
  47. How Blest the Righteous When He Dies!
  48. How Sweet the Hour of Closing Day
  49. Hush! Blessed Are the Dead
  50. Hymn of Promise
  51. I Am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger
  52. I Call the World’s Redeemer Mine
  53. I Know Not the Hour
  54. I Set the Lord Before My Face
  55. I Would Not Live Alway
  56. If Death My Friend and Me Divide
  57. In Age and Feebleness Extreme
  58. In Our Day of Thanksgiving
  59. In Paradise Reposing
  60. In the Twinkling of an Eye
  61. It Is Not Death to Die
  62. It Singeth Low in Every Heart
  63. Jesu! Name All Names Above
  64. Jesus, Son of Mary, Fount of Life Alone
  65. Jesus, While Our Hearts Are Bleeding
  66. Let Saints On Earth in Concert Sing
  67. Like as a Father
  68. Little Travelers Zionward
  69. Lord Jesu, Who At Lazarus’ Tomb
  70. Lord of the Harvest, Once Again
  71. Lord, When Thy Kingdom Comes
  72. Loved One, Farewell
  73. My Days Are Gliding Swiftly By
  74. My Span of Life Will Soon Be Done
  75. No, No, It Is Not Dying
  76. No Tears in Heaven
  77. Now Let Our Mourning Hearts Revive
  78. Now the Laborer’s Task Is O’er
  79. O Darkest Woe
  80. O Lord of Life, Where’er They Be
  81. O Lord, to Whom the Spirits Live
  82. O Shepherd of the Sheep
  83. O Strength and Stay
  84. O That Will Be Glory
  85. O Valiant Hearts
  86. Oh, How Blest Are Ye Whose Toils Are Ended
  87. Oh, How Sweet When We Mingle
  88. One by One, We’re Passing Over
  89. One Named Lazarus
  90. One Sweetly Solemn Thought
  91. Only Remembered
  92. On the Resurrection Morning
  93. Praises of That Saint We Sing, The
  94. Promoted to Glory
  95. Resurrection, The
  96. Rise from Your Graves, Ye Dead
  97. Roll the Stone Away
  98. Safe Home, Safe Home in Port!
  99. Safely, Safely, Gathered In
  100. Saved by Grace
  101. Saving Grace
  102. Savior, When Night Involves the Skies
  103. See, Father, Thy Beloved Son
  104. Servant of God, Well Done! (Montgomery)
  105. Servant of God, Well Done! (Wesley)
  106. Shadows
  107. Shall Man, O God of Light and Life
  108. Shall We Gather At the River?
  109. Silently the Shades of Evening
  110. Sleep Thy Last Sleep
  111. Some Sweet Day, by and By
  112. Soon Shall the Trump of God of God
  113. Soon Shall We See the Glorious Morn
  114. Sower Went Forth Sowing, The
  115. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  116. Tarry with Me
  117. Tell It Again
  118. Tell Mother I’ll Be There
  119. There Is a Calm for Those Who Weep
  120. There’s a Light in the Valley
  121. Think, O Lord, in Mercy
  122. Thou Glorious God, Before Whose Face
  123. Thus Far the Lord Hath Led Me On
  124. Thy Will Be Done
  125. Unveil Thy Bosom, Faithful Tomb
  126. We Are Going Down the Valley
  127. We Are Nearing
  128. We Cannot Think of Them as Dead
  129. We Shall Sleep, but Not Forever
  130. We Sing His Love, Who Once Was Slain
  131. Weep Not for a Brother Deceased
  132. We’ll Never Say Goodbye
  133. What a Gathering
  134. What Sweet of Life Endureth?
  135. When God Is Nigh
  136. When My Weary Hands Are Folded
  137. When On My Day of Life
  138. When Rising from the Bed of Death
  139. When the Dark Waves Round Us Roll
  140. When the Day of Toil Is Done
  141. When the Last Trumpet’s Awful Voice
  142. When Time Seems Short and Death Is Near
  143. Where the Gates Swing Outward Never
  144. While On the Verge of Life I Stand
  145. White Coffin, The
  146. Who Knows How Near My End May Be?
  147. Why Do We Mourn Departing Friends?
  148. Why Should Our Tears in Sorrow Flow
  149. Why Should We Start, and Fear to Die?
  150. Will the Angels Come?
  151. Winter in His Heart of Gloom
  152. With Firm Resolve I Held My Peace
  153. With Tearful Eyes I Look Around
  154. Within the Churchyard, Side by Side

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