Also see Epiphany

  1. Ah, Dear­est Je­sus
  2. Ah! Lord God, the World’s Cre­at­or
  3. All Glo­ry to God
  4. All Glo­ry to God to God in the Sky
  5. All Hail to Thee, O Blessed Morn!
  6. All in the Si­lent Night
  7. All My Heart This Night Re­joices
  8. All My Heart with Joy Is Spring­ing
  9. All Praise to Thee, Eter­nal God
  10. All Wise, All Good, Al­mighty Lord
  11. All This Night Bright An­gels Sing
  12. Ancient Law De­parts, The
  13. And Art Thou Come with Us to Dwell
  14. Angel Ga­bri­el from Hea­ven Came, The
  15. Angels Adore Him
  16. Angels’ Chor­us, The
  17. Angels from the Realm of Glo­ry
  18. Angel’s Pro­cla­ma­tion, The
  19. Angel’s Song, The
  20. Angels’ Sweet Re­frain, The
  21. Angels We Have Heard on High
  22. As Each Hap­py Christ­mas
  23. As Jo­nah, Is­su­ing from His Three Days’ Tomb
  24. As Jo­seph Was a Walk­ing
  25. As on the Night Be­fore
  26. As Sha­dows Cast by Cloud and Sun
  27. As with Glad­ness, Men of Old
  28. Awake, My Soul, Awake, My Tongue
  29. Away in a Man­ger
  30. Away! with Loy­al Hearts and True
  31. Away with Our Fears!
  32. Babe in Bethlem’s Man­ger, The
  33. Babe Is Born, A
  34. Babe Is Born in Beth­le­hem, A
  35. Baby of Beth­le­hem, The
  36. Ballad of the Cross, The
  37. Ballad of Wise Men, A
  38. Be Ye Joy­ful, Earth and Sky
  39. Beautiful Beth­le­hem Bells
  40. Beautiful Christ­mas
  41. Beautiful Star
  42. Behold, the Grace Ap­pears!
  43. Behold the Great Cre­at­or Makes
  44. Behold, the Joy­ful Day Is Nigh
  45. Birthday of a King, The
  46. Birthday of Our King, The
  47. Blasts of Chill December, The
  48. Blessed Night, When First That Plain
  49. Blest Christ­mas Morn
  50. Break Forth, O Beau­te­ous Hea­ven­ly Light
  51. Bright and Glor­i­ous Is the Sky
  52. Bright and Joy­ful Is the Morn
  53. Bright An­gel Hosts Are Heard on High
  54. Bright Was the Guid­ing Star That Led
  55. Brightest and Best of the Sons of the Morn­ing
  56. Bring a Torch, Jean­ette, Is­a­bel­la
  57. Calm on the List­en­ing Ear of Night
  58. Carol, Car­ol, Christ­ians
  59. Carol, Sweet­ly Car­ol
  60. Cedar of Le­ba­non, The
  61. Cedars and the Pines, The
  62. Child and the Shep­herd, The
  63. Child in the Man­ger
  64. Child of Beth­le­hem, The
  65. Child This Day Is Born, A
  66. Christ Is Born! Tell Forth His Fame!
  67. Christians, Awake, Sa­lute the Hap­py Morn
  68. Christians, Car­ol Sweet­ly
  69. Christians, Sing Out with Ex­ul­ta­tion
  70. Christmas An­them
  71. Christmas Bells
  72. Christmas Brings Joy to Ev­ery Heart
  73. Christmas Day Joy­ous
  74. Christmas Morn­ing
  75. Christmas Mu­sic
  76. Christians, Lo, the Star Ap­peareth
  77. Christ’s Na­tal Day
  78. Clearly in the East It Shone
  79. Come, All Ye Shep­herds
  80. Come, and Christ the Lord Be Praising
  81. Come, Child­ren, Raise Your Voic­es
  82. Come Child­ren, with Sing­ing
  83. Come Hith­er, Ye Child­ren
  84. Come Hith­er, Ye Faith­ful
  85. Come, List­en to My Sto­ry
  86. Come Re­joic­ing, Prais­es Voic­ing
  87. Come, Thou Re­deem­er of the Earth
  88. Come with the Wise Men
  89. Come, Ye Lofty
  90. Come, Your Hearts and Voic­es Rais­ing
  91. Comfort, Com­fort Ye My Peo­ple
  92. Coventry Car­ol
  93. Cradled in a Man­ger, Mean­ly
  94. Dawning Fair, Morn­ing Won­der­ful
  95. Day, a Day of Glo­ry, A
  96. Day of Re­demp­tion
  97. Day the Christ Child’s Ten­der Eyes, The
  98. Dear Christ­ian Peo­ple All, Re­joice
  99. Dear Lit­tle One
  100. Dear Lit­tle Strang­er
  101. Ding Dong Mer­ri­ly on High
  102. Do You Know the Song That the An­gels Sang
  103. Dost Thou in a Man­ger Lie?
  104. Down from His Glo­ry
  105. Down from the Worlds of Ra­di­ant Light
  106. Earth Has Ma­ny a No­ble Ci­ty
  107. Echoed Song, The
  108. Eternal Glo­ry of the Sky
  109. Evergreen, Hol­ly and Laur­el
  110. Far, Far Away on Ju­dea’s Plains
  111. Father, Our Hearts We Lift
  112. Father’s Sole Begotten Son, The
  113. First Christ­mas Song, The
  114. First No­el, The
  115. Flocks Were Wrapped in Slum­ber, The
  116. For un­to Us a Child Is Born
  117. Friendly Beasts, The
  118. From Church to Church
  119. From East to West, from Shore to Shore
  120. From Ev­ery Spire on Christ­mas Eve
  121. From Hea­ven Above to Earth I Come
  122. From High­est Hea­ven, on Joy­ous Wing
  123. From Lands That See the Sun Arise
  124. From the East­ern Mount­ains
  125. Gather Round the Christ­mas Tree
  126. Gentle Ma­ry Laid Her Child
  127. Gentle Sav­ior, Day and Night
  128. Give Heed, My Heart
  129. Glad Christ­mas Bells
  130. Glad Tid­ings (Bennett)
  131. Glad Tid­ings (Cros­by)
  132. Glorious, Beau­te­ous, Gold­en-Bright
  133. Glorious Yuletide
  134. Glory Be to God on High
  135. Glory to Beth­le­hem
  136. Go, Tell It on the Mount­ain
  137. God from on High Hath Heard
  138. God Rest Ye Mer­ry, Gen­tlemen
  139. God with Us
  140. God’s Dear Son With­out Be­gin­ning
  141. Golden Bells, The
  142. Good Christ­ian Men, Re­joice
  143. Good King Wenceslas
  144. Good News from Hea­ven the An­gels Bring
  145. Gospel Bells, The
  146. Great and Mighty Won­der, A
  147. Great God of Hea­ven, The
  148. Hallowed Night
  149. Hark from on High Those Bliss­ful Strains!
  150. Hark! Hark! the Notes of Joy
  151. Hark! the Full-Voiced Choir Is Sing­ing
  152. Hark! the Her­ald An­gels Sing
  153. Hark! the Skies with Mu­sic Sound
  154. Hark, the Sounds Me­lo­di­ous Steal­ing
  155. Hark! What Mean Those Ho­ly Voic­es?
  156. Hark! What Sounds Are Sweet­ly Steal­ing?
  157. He Be­came In­car­nate
  158. He Com­eth, Fa­ther, as He Came of Old
  159. He Has Come, the Christ of God
  160. He Is Born
  161. He Shall Be Called
  162. Hearken, All! What Ho­ly Sing­ing
  163. Here Is Joy for Ev­ery Age
  164. High Word of God
  165. Holly and the Ivy, The
  166. Holy Son of God Most High, The
  167. How Beau­ti­ful the Mys­te­ry
  168. How Blest Were They on Beth­le­hem’s Plain
  169. How Bright Ap­pears the Morn­ing Star
  170. How Bright­ly Beams the Morn­ing Star!
  171. How Great Our Joy
  172. How Vain the Cru­el He­rod’s Fear
  173. Hush, All Ye Sounds of War
  174. Hush, My Babe
  175. I Am so Glad Each Christ­mas Eve
  176. I Heard the Bells on Christ­mas Day
  177. I Know Not How That Beth­le­hem’s Babe
  178. I Love to Hear Sweet Voic­es Sing
  179. I Love to Hear the Sto­ry
  180. I May Not Go To­night to Beth­le­hem
  181. I Saw Three Ships Come Sail­ing In
  182. I Sing the Birth Was Born To­night
  183. Immanuel, We Sing Thy Praise
  184. Immortal Babe, Who This Dear Day
  185. In a Man­ger, Laid so Low­ly
  186. In a Low­ly Man­ger Sleep­ing
  187. In the Bleak Mid­win­ter
  188. In the Ear­ly Morn­ing, Ear­ly
  189. In the Field with Their Flocks Abid­ing
  190. In the Lo­wly Man­ger Ly­ing
  191. In the Lone­ly Mid­night
  192. In the Same Coun­try
  193. In the Si­lence of the Night
  194. Incarnation Hymn
  195. Infant Ho­ly, In­fant Low­ly
  196. Infant Lay With­in a Shed, An
  197. Is Thy Heart Athirst to Know?
  198. It Came up­on the Mid­night Clear
  199. Jesu, the Fa­ther’s On­ly Son
  200. Join All Ye Joy­ful Na­tions
  201. Joseph Dear­est
  202. Joy Bells Are Ring­ing
  203. Joy Fills Our In­most Hearts To­day!
  204. Joy to the World
  205. Joyful Morn Is Break­ing, The
  206. King Might Miss the Guid­ing Star, A
  207. Kings of the East Are Rid­ing, The
  208. Kings of the Orient
  209. Lands That Long in Dark­ness Lay, The
  210. Leave, Shep­herds, Leave, Your Peace­ful Flocks
  211. Let All Mor­tal Flesh Keep Si­lence
  212. Let An­gels and Arch­an­gels Sing
  213. Let Earth and Hea­ven Com­bine
  214. Let Heav’n and Earth Re­joice and Sing
  215. Let Our Glad­ness Have No End
  216. Let Sigh­ing Cease and Woe
  217. Let the Earth Now Praise the Lord
  218. Let Us All with Glad­some Voice
  219. Let Us Now Go to Beth­le­hem
  220. Light of Beth­le­hem, The
  221. Like Sil­ver Lamps in a Dis­tant Shrine
  222. Like the Sound of Ma­ny Wa­ters
  223. Listen, Lord­ings, un­to Me
  224. Little Child Is Born To­night, A
  225. Little Child­ren, Can You Tell?
  226. Little Child­ren, Do You Know?
  227. Little Child­ren, Rise and Sing
  228. Lo, How a Rose E’er Bloom­ing
  229. Long Ago
  230. Long Ago a Shin­ing Throng
  231. Long Years Ago O’er Beth­le­hem’s Hills
  232. Lord at First Had Adam Made, The
  233. Love Came Down at Christ­mas
  234. Lowly Shep­herds of Ju­dea
  235. Magi Came from Lands Afar, The
  236. Make Thee Rea­dy, as Best Thou Art Able
  237. Maker of the Sun and Moon, The
  238. Manger-babe, The
  239. Merry, Mer­ry Christ­mas Bells
  240. Meteor Bright Its Won­drous Light, A
  241. Mortals Awake, with An­gels Join
  242. Music of the An­gels
  243. Music on Christ­mas Morn­ing
  244. Nations That Long in Dark­ness Walked
  245. Never Shone a Light so Fair!
  246. Newborn King Who Comes To­day, The
  247. No Room in the Inn
  248. Now Are the Days Ful­filled
  249. Now Is­ra­el’s Hope in Tri­umph Ends
  250. Now Let Us Sing the An­gels’ Song
  251. Now Lift the Car­ol
  252. Now Praise We Christ, the Ho­ly One
  253. Now Yield We Thanks and Praise
  254. O Bethlem Town To­night Is Cold
  255. O Bless­èd Je­sus, This
  256. O Chief of Cities, Beth­le­hem
  257. O Child of Low­ly Man­ger Birth
  258. O Christ, Re­deem­er of Our Race
  259. O Christ­mas Night!
  260. O Come, All Ye Faith­ful
  261. O Come, O Come, Em­man­u­el
  262. O Come, Re­deem­er of Man­kind
  263. O Ho­ly Night
  264. O How Shall I Keep My Christ­mas?
  265. O Je­su Christ, All Praise to Thee
  266. O Je­sus Christ, Thy Man­ger Is
  267. O Je­sus, King of Glo­ry
  268. O King of Glo­ry! Da­vid’s Son!
  269. O Lit­tle Town of Beth­le­hem
  270. O Lord, Our God, in Ador­a­tion
  271. O Mer­cy Di­vine, O Couldst Thou Incline
  272. O Sav­ior, Whom This Ho­ly Morn
  273. O Sing a Song of Beth­le­hem
  274. O, Sing We a Car­ol
  275. O Thou Joy­ful, O Thou Won­der­ful
  276. O Thou Who by a Star Didst Guide
  277. O’er the Hill and O’er the Vale
  278. Of the Fa­ther’s Love Begotten
  279. Oh, Come, Lit­tle Child­ren
  280. Oh Realm of Light
  281. Oh, Re­joice, Ye Christ­ians, Loud­ly
  282. On a Christ­mas Morn­ing
  283. On Christ­mas Night All Christ­ians Sing
  284. On a Day When Men Were Count­ed
  285. On Ju­dah’s Plains as Shep­herds Sat
  286. On the Birth­day of the Lord (Lit­tle­dale)
  287. On the Birth­day of the Lord (Wash­burn)
  288. On This Night, Most Ho­ly
  289. Once in Beth­le­hem of Ju­dah
  290. Once in Roy­al Da­vid’s Ci­ty
  291. Once O’er Ju­dea’s Hills by Night
  292. Only Son from Hea­ven, The
  293. Our Day of Joy Is Here Again
  294. Our Mes­sage
  295. Peaceful the Won­drous Night
  296. People That in Dark­ness Walked, The
  297. Praise God the Lord, Ye Sons of Men
  298. Precious Child, so Sweet­ly Sleep­ing
  299. Race That Long in Dark­ness Pined, The
  300. Rejoice, Re­joice, This Hap­py Morn
  301. Rejoice, Re­joice, Ye Christ­ians
  302. Rejoice To­day
  303. Ring On, Ye Bells
  304. Ring Out the Bells for Christ­mas
  305. Ring, Ring the Bells, the Joy­ful Bells
  306. Rise Up, Shep­herd, and Fol­low
  307. Rod of the Root of Jesse
  308. Rorate
  309. Royal Day That Chas­eth Gloom
  310. Savior of the Na­tions, Come
  311. Saw You Ne­ver, in the Twi­light?
  312. See amid the Win­ter’s Snow
  313. Shades of Si­lent Night Di­vid­ing
  314. Shepherd Band Their Flocks, A
  315. Shepherds of Beth­le­hem, The
  316. Shepherds, Re­joice! Lift Up Your Eyes
  317. Shepherds! Shake off Your Drow­sy Sleep
  318. Shepherds, What Joy­ful Tid­ings
  319. Shine Calm and Bright, Ye Moon­beams Light
  320. Shine On
  321. Shine On, Beth­le­hem’s Star
  322. Shining Out of Dark­ness
  323. Shout of Mighty Tri­umph, A
  324. Shout the Glad Tid­ings
  325. Silent Night
  326. Silent Night! Hal­lowed Night!
  327. Silver Star, The
  328. Sing, O Sing, This Blessed Morn
  329. Sing Out Your Glad­some Car­ols
  330. Sing, Sing for Christ­mas!
  331. Sing We Mer­ry Christ­mas
  332. Sing, Ye Ran­somed Na­tions, Sing
  333. Sing Ye the Songs of Praise
  334. Sky Can Still Re­mem­ber, The
  335. Sleep! Ho­ly Babe
  336. Sleep, Lit­tle Ba­by
  337. Sleep, My Lit­tle Je­sus
  338. Slowly Fall the Snow­flakes
  339. Snow Lay on Ground, The
  340. Song and a Car­ol for Christ­mastide, A
  341. Songs of Praise the An­gels Sang
  342. Soul Where­in God Dwells, The
  343. Star in the East
  344. Star, Beau­ti­ful Star
  345. Star of Beth­le­hem (Skoog), The
  346. Star of Beth­le­hem (Worrell)
  347. Star Pro­claims the King Is Here, The
  348. Star of Beau­ty
  349. Stars All Bright Are Beam­ing
  350. Story of the Wise Men
  351. Story That Ne­ver Grows Old, The
  352. Sweeter Sounds That Mu­sic Knows
  353. Tale of the Old­en Time, A
  354. Thee, O Im­man­u­el, We Praise
  355. There Came a Lit­tle Child to Earth
  356. There’s a Song in the Air
  357. They All Were Look­ing for a King
  358. This Blessed Night
  359. This Day a Child Is Born
  360. This End­ris Night
  361. This Night a Won­drous Re­ve­la­tion
  362. Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne
  363. Thou Fair­est Child Di­vine
  364. Thousand Years Have Come and Gone, A
  365. Thy Lit­tle Ones, Dear Lord, Are We
  366. ’Tis Christ­mas Day
  367. To Shep­herds as They Watched by Night
  368. To Thee My Heart I Of­fer
  369. To Thee, O God, the Shep­herd Kings
  370. To Us a Child of Hope Is Born
  371. To Us a Child of Roy­al Birth
  372. To Wea­ry Shep­herds Sleep­ing
  373. Triumph, Ye Hea­vens!
  374. Unto Us a Boy Is Born
  375. Unto Us a Child Is Born
  376. ’Twas in the Moon of Win­ter­time
  377. ’Twas in the Win­ter Cold
  378. Virgin Most Pure, A
  379. Virgin Pure, Both Meek and Mild, A
  380. Virgin Un­spot­ted, A
  381. Virgin Stills the Cry­ing, The
  382. Waits’ Song, The
  383. Waken! Christ­ian Child­ren
  384. Waking Out of Si­lence
  385. Watchman, Tell Us of the Night
  386. We Christ­ians May Re­joice To­day
  387. We Sing, Im­man­u­el, Thy Praise
  388. We Three Kings
  389. We Would See Je­sus
  390. We’ve Been Told a Joy­ful Thing
  391. Welcome God’s and Ma­ry’s Son
  392. Welcome to Christ­mas
  393. Wexford Car­ol, The
  394. What Child Is This?
  395. What Means This Glo­ry Round Our Feet
  396. What Soul In­spir­ing Mu­sic
  397. What Star Is This, with Beams so Bright?
  398. When Christ Was Born in Beth­le­hem
  399. When Christ­mas Morn Is Dawn­ing
  400. When Christ’s Ap­pear­ing Was Made Known
  401. When from the East the Wise Men Came
  402. When Jo­seph Went with Ma­ry
  403. When Marshaled on the Night­ly Plain
  404. When Mo­ther Love Makes All Things Bright
  405. When Wise Men Came Seek­ing
  406. Whence Come This Rush of Wings?
  407. Where Is the Ho­ly Heav’n-born Child?
  408. While Shep­herds Watched Their Flocks
  409. While the World Await­ed
  410. While Their Flocks the Shep­herds Tended
  411. Whispering Winds Soft­ly Sigh­ing
  412. Who Is He in Yon­der Stall?
  413. Who Is This so Weak and Help­less
  414. Why, He­rod, Un­re­lent­ing Foe
  415. Why, Im­pi­ous He­rod, Shouldst Thou Fear
  416. Winter Night Was Dark and Still, The
  417. Wise May Bring Their Learning, The
  418. Wise Men Saw a Light Afar, The
  419. Wonder of the Sto­ry, The
  420. Wonderful Night!
  421. Wonderful Star, The
  422. Worcester Christ­mas Car­ol, The
  423. Ye Hea­ven­ly Choir
  424. Ye Simple Men of Hearts Sin­cere

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  1. Jonasnas says:

    I don’t have a personal website address. I really do appreciate the efforts of this great initiative, to publish songs on the internet.

  2. eloise says:

    do you know were i can find this song i don’t know what it’s called but here are some of the lyrics:

    when is he coming, when, oh when is he coming, the redeemer?
    when will we see him, when, oh when will we see him, the redeemer?


    come, oh come, from your kingdom up there,
    from your kingdom up there above!
    come, oh come, to your people on earth,
    to your people on earth bring love!
    Emmanuel! Emmanuel! Emmanuel!

    i have to learn this for choir at school! can you help me find it and give me a link??? Thanks

  3. Dare Olagoke says:

    I am enjoying this site , May God continue to bless this work.

  4. Thank you very much for your thoughts by sending this list of seasonal Christmas songs. May God bless you and staff, Wishing you a blessed year in 2010 in many ways. Robert Pandolfi

  5. John Correa says:

    Thanks for the Christmas hymns and works of art. Some are missing like Away in a Manger, though.
    Merry Christmas!

    Any Hymns in Spanish for this season. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the US and it is the larges minority group

  6. Shirley Choat says:

    Thank you for this. It is a gift I will long appreciate as I send out a daily devotion to over 400 and it is hard to find good Christian music to go with each one. Thank you again and God bless your work in keeping us supplied with wonderful music. I will use it often and will gladly use the updates as you send them. Again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Deaconess Shirley Choat from Nebraska

  7. Arlene Roosevelt says:

    Thank you so much for the list of Christmas hymns. Merry Christmas! God Bless you.

  8. karibusana says:

    Thank you for this link to hymanal songs about Christmas. I love hymnal songs for many reasons but the prime one is their revelation of the deep commitment between God and their composers. I find a different taste in them when compared to those in our modern ways of worship. I think God seeks the heart of the singer more than the words or instruments with which we sing. I hope many will be blessed by your ministry. Thanks!

  9. I love your site. Thank you for making it available to all of us. I use it almost daily.
    The Christmas list is great – never knew there were so many.
    Please consider again making direct access to authors in your revisions.

  10. The Christmas list is great – never knew there were so many.I love your site. Thank you for making it available to all of us. I use it almost daily.
    Mal Lancaster

  11. Pedro A. Peraza says:

    Thanks for this wonderful blessing of Christmas songs

  12. Larry Ades says:

    I have enjoyed singing with the melodies on your website. May God richly bless you with “All” spiritual blessings in heavenly places.

    Would like to ask for you help in locating the melody and lyrics to two songs:
    Standing somewhere in the shadows you’ll find Jesus. The 2nd song is:
    I would not be Denied (Till Jesus come and make me whole)

    Thanks for your help and your website
    A Christian from Winnipeg, Mb,

  13. Judy says:

    I want to thank you for your time and effort of making this music possible for download. To me this is not music I listen to one time period of a year. I like to listen to it all year long because God’s promises are always with us.

    Being that they are instrumental is a plus also. I can have these playing as I may be doing something around the house and I can put in my own words or praise and thanks to the Lord God.

    God gave us a present with the birth of Jesus Christ and it should be remembered throughout the entire year. We have so much to be joyful for, not only at Christmas time.

    In Christ’s name,

  14. Martha Young says:

    Thank you for your very long list. I miss hymns in the service and the Season of the Birth of Christ. Thank you for compiling this.
    I am blesses to know that I can find it at your site.
    Keep a hymn in your heart in the New Year,
    Martha Young, Bainbridge Island WA.

  15. Anna Herring says:

    Thank you so much for this list and for your website. It helps me plan my songs for the nursing home.

  16. Nowdy says:

    I am so thankful for this site…what a selection! Moved by this one, OH FATHER, YOU ARE SOVEREIGN (Margaret Clarkson): “…O Father, You are sovereign…The Lord of human pain…
    Transmuting earthly sorrows…To gold of heavenly gain…” I was brought back to the hymns via the group INDELIBLE GRACE ( when they took some of the more unfamiliar hymns and added more contemporary music. I’ve used them for a more God-centered worship than much of today’s lyrics. It’s really not the music style that makes hymns great…it’s the profound gaze at our Lord. To the “traditionalists” (musically), the hymns with modern music were actually used to rekindle a greater fondness (in me) for the original melodies of the hymns. Which I can’t ever imagine abandoning. So many CCM/contemporary-praise borders on bragging about how much faith we have, how devoted we are, or what we want from God. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart! (Nowdy in Nashville)


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