1. Baptize Us Anew
  2. Baptized into Thy Name Most Holy
  3. Blessèd Jesus! Here We Stand
  4. Come, Holy Spirit, Dove Divine
  5. Dear Master, in Thy Way
  6. Down to the Sacred Wave
  7. Father, Son and Holy Ghost
  8. Friend of the Home
  9. Go Forth to Life, O Child of Earth
  10. Gracious Savior, Gentle Shepherd
  11. Grant to This Child the Inward Grace
  12. He That Believes and Is Baptized
  13. In Token That Thou Shalt Not Fear
  14. Jesus, Our Lord and King
  15. Little Child the Savior Came, A
  16. O Father, Bless the Children
  17. O Father, Thou Who Hast Created All
  18. O God, Great Father, Lord and King!
  19. O Jesus Christ, Our Lord Most Dear
  20. O Lord, While We Confess the Worth
  21. O Thou Who in Jordan
  22. One Sole Baptismal Sign
  23. Our Children, Lord, in Faith and Prayer
  24. Rites Cannot Change the Heart
  25. Savior Kindly Calls, The
  26. Savior, Who Thy Flock Art Feeding
  27. See Israel’s Gentle Shepherd Stand
  28. Son of Man from Jordan Rose, The
  29. Stand, Soldier of the Cross
  30. There Is a Pure and Tranquil Wave
  31. This Child We Dedicate to Thee
  32. Thou Hast Said, Exalted Jesus
  33. ’Tis Done! the New and Heavenly Birth
  34. To Jordan Came Our Christ, the Lord
  35. To Thee, O God, in Heaven
  36. ’Twas the Commission of Our Lord
  37. We Bless the Name of Christ, the Lord
  38. When John Baptized by Jordan’s River
  39. With Christ We Share a Mystic Grave
  40. Within the Church’s Sacred Fold

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