Words: Au­thor un­known (Hoor, wat heer lijk lied der eng’len). This song was co­py­right­ed by Paul H. We­ze­man in 1906, and trans­lat­ed from Dutch to Eng­lish by (1869-?).

Music: Com­pos­er un­known.

If you know the orig­in­al au­thor or com­pos­er, or where to get pho­tos of them

Hear what glorious song of angels
Is now ringing through the air;
Never valley, never mountain
Heard an anthem half so fair.


Hallelujah, hallelujah
Is the jubilant refrain;
God is sending us a Savior,
Peace on earth, good will to man.

Messengers of God’s free mercy
Are now seen by human eye;
Shepherds hear the wondrous message:
“Glory be to God on high.”


Let us also sing the praises
Of our God so full of love,
Who on Christmas sent a Savior,
Sent a Savior from above.