Words: Stan­za 1, , Christ­liche und tröst­liche Tisch­ge­senge, mit vier Stim­men (Er­furt, Ger­ma­ny: 1572) (Wer Gott ver­traut, hat wohl ge­baut); stanzas 2-3: anon­y­mous. Trans­lat­ed from Ger­man to En­glish by , Hymn­o­lo­gia Christ­i­a­na, 1863; alt. by , 1864.

Music: Bi­shop­garth, , 1874.

Who trusts in God, a strong abode
In Heav’n and earth possesses;
Who looks in love to Christ above,
No fear his heart oppresses.
In Thee alone, dear Lord, we own
Sweet hope and consolation;
Our shield from foes, our balm for woes,
Our great and sure salvation.

Though Satan’s wrath beset our path,
And worldly scorn assail us;
While Thou art near we will not fear,
Thy strength shall never fail us.
Thy rod and staff, shall keep us safe,
And guide our steps forever;
Nor shades of death, nor hell beneath,
Our souls from Thee shall sever.

In all the strife of mortal life,
Our feet shall stand securely;
Temptation’s hour shall lose its power,
For Thou shalt guard us surely.
O God, renew, with heavenly dew,
Our body, soul, and spirit,
Until we stand at Thy right hand,
Through Jesus’ saving merit.