Words: Author unknown, in Harmonia Sacra by (1778-1862).

Music: Lang­don, , The Psalt­ery, a New Col­lect­ion of Church Mu­sic, 1845.

If you know the au­thor, or where to get a pic­ture of him or Jo­seph Funk

Watchmen! onward to your stations;
Blow the trumpet long and loud;
Preach the Gospel to the nations,
Speak to ev’ry gath’ring crowd.
See the day is breaking;
See the saints awaking,
No more in sadness bow,
No more in sadness bow.

Watchmen! hail the rising glory!
Of the great Messiah’s reign;
Tell the Savior’s bleeding story,
Tell it to the list’ning train;
See His love revealing,
See the Spirit sealing;
’Tis life among the slain!
’Tis life among the slain.