Words: The Psalt­er, 1912.

Music: Morn­ing Hymn (Boyce), (1710-1779).

With joy I heard my friends exclaim,
“Come, let us in God’s temple meet;
Within thy gates, O Zion blest,
Shall ever stand our willing feet.”

How beautiful doth Zion stand,
A city built compact and fair;
The people of the Lord unite
With joy and praise to worship there.

They come to learn the will of God,
To pay their vows, His grace to own;
For there is judgment’s royal seat,
Messiah’s sure and lasting throne.

For Zion’s peace let prayer be made;
May all that love thee prosper well;
Within thy walls let peace abide,
And gladness with thy children dwell.

For sake of friends and kindred dear,
My heart’s desire is Zion’s peace;
And for the house of God, the Lord,
My loving care shall never cease.