Words: , 1890.

Music: Mrs. H. A. Farns­worth.

If you know Mrs. Farns­worth’s full name, or where to get a pho­to of her or Flo­ra Kirk­land

Who will volunteer? See the foe is near!
Someone now must fight and the victory win!
Who will heed the call, sounding now to all?
“Fight the fight of faith” with the hosts of sin!


We will volunteer! We will volunteer!
In the strength of Christ our King;
Battling for the right, we will ever fight,
Till the shouts of victory ring!

Who will volunteer? Ever loud and clear
Sounds the Master’s charge for the lands afar.
None are drafted here! Who will volunteer?
Who will spread the news of the Morning Star?


Who will volunteer? Christ, your King, is near,
He His wondrous grace for each need supplies.
Bravely meet the foe; onward, upward go!
Rich reward awaits you beyond the skies!