Words: , 1996.

Music: Cranham, , 1906.

While the world awaited God’s redeeming love—
Came to Joseph, dreaming, Gabriel from above:
“God would have you take this virgin as your wife,
For the Child within her is the Lord of Life!”

Lo! the weary Family travels on its way
To the Holy City for the night to stay.
Called for an accounting unto Bethlehem—
There would the Messiah bloom from Jesse’s stem.

Since there was no place for them to settle down—
They, with beasts of burden, rested on the ground.
And in David’s City early that next morn,
Clothed in human vesture, Word of God was born.

Jesus Christ, our Savior—born upon this day:
Ox and ass surround Your bed of golden hay.
In the humble stable, manger for Your rest—
Sleep now, infant Jesus, as the world is blest!