Words & Music: Ev­i­dent­ly an old French car­ol from the Be­san­çon re­gion (On vint de nous aipoutha); trans­lat­ed from French to Eng­lish by .

If you know when the trans­la­tion was done, or where to get a pic­ture of John O’Con­nor

We’ve been told a joyful thing,
News for all the nations.
Angels have been heard to sing
Round the shepherd stations,
One intoned the “Gloria,”
Others “Alleluia”;
Peace to all things human;
War no more for true man.

Up and get you quickly there
Folk of field and village!
Over to that stable bare
Up beyond the tillage.
There you’ll find a Baby born
Old before His mother’s morn
Young with dewy splendor
Of parent stem so tender.

So we come to pay our vows:
Hail! God save thee, Mary!
Joseph, man of this poor house,
Fortune seems contrary.
Let us look on Christ the Lord,
That was sure the angel’s word.
Swathèd in a manger,
Welcome, Holy Stranger!