Words: (1817-1886).

Music: Brock­ham, , Di­vine Com­pan­ion, se­cond edi­tion, 1707.

If you know when this hymn was writ­ten, or where to get a pic­ture of Hen­ry Gunn or Jer­e­mi­ah Clark

To realms beyond the sounding sea,
Thy hand has led our sons afar;
Lord, give them grace to live for Thee;
Be still their Shield and Guiding Star.

Bless with success their daily toils;
Strength for each hour’s demands impart;
With fruitful seasons, genial soils,
O give a grateful, trusting heart.

Though exiled from the fatherland,
Its temple-homes of praise and prayer,
May they, on yonder distant strand,
A house for God with gladness rear.

There make the places of Thy feet
Most glorious—there Thy grace display;
That myriads thence Thy smile may greet,
When heaven and earth have passed away.