Words: (1849-1906).

Music: Grose, , in the En­deavor Hymn­al (Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois: Unit­ed So­ci­e­ty of Christ­ian En­dea­vor, 1901), num­ber 37.

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To Thee, O Savior Friend,
Our loving prayers ascend,
To Thee we sing.
Upon Thine altars here
Our choicest gifts appear,
And all we hold most dear
To Thee we bring.

Sometimes our love to Thee
Grows cold, and seems to be
A fleeting breath.
But Thine burns warm and pure
While earthly things endure:
A love forever sure
In life and death.

Dear Lord, our love renew,
That we with zeal may do
Thy holy will.
Support us when we fail,
Be near us when we call,
Direct and help us all
To serve Thee still.