Words: From A New Ver­sion of the Psalms of Da­vid, by and , 1696.

Music: Do­mi­ne Pro­bas­ti, , in Orig­in­al Sac­red Mu­sic, 1826. Al­ter­nate tunes:

Thou, Lord, by strictest search hast known
My rising up and lying down;
My secret thoughts are known to Thee,
Known long before conceived by me.

Thine eye my bed and path surveys,
My public haunts and private ways,
Thou know’st what ’tis my lips would vent,
My yet unuttered word’s intent.

Surrounded by Thy power I stand,
On every side I find Thy hand;
O skill, for human reach too high!
Too dazzling bright for mortal eye!

Search, try, O God, my thought and heart,
If mischief lurks in any part;
Correct me where I go astray,
And guide me in Thy perfect way.