Words: , in Lays of the Sanc­tu­a­ry and Other Po­ems, ed­it­ed by G. Ste­ven­son de M. Ruth­er­ford, 1859.

Music: Trent­ham, , in Fif­ty Sac­red Leaf­lets, 1888. Al­ter­nate tune:

There is no night in Heaven;
In that blest world above
Work never can bring weariness,
For work itself is love.

There is no grief in Heaven;
For life is one glad day;
And tears are of those former things
Which all have passed away.

There is no sin in Heaven;
Behold that blessèd throng:
All holy is their spotless robe,
All holy is their song!

There is no death in Heaven;
For they who gain that shore
Have won their immortality,
And they can die no more.

Lord Jesus, be our Guide;
O lead us safely on,
Till night and grief and sin and death
Are past, and Heaven is won!