Words: (verse 1) & Thom­as Le­vi (vers­es 2-3) (Dy­ma fei­bil ann­wyl Ie­su); trans­lat­ed from Welsh to Eng­lish by D. H.

Music: Mount of Ol­ives, arranged from .

If you know the trans­lat­or’s name, or where to get a pic­ture of him, Ri­chard Da­vies, or Thom­as Le­vi

This is Jesus’ precious Bible,
This the gift of God’s right hand;
Teaching how to die triumphant,
How to live His pure command;
This reveals the loss we suffered
When in Eden sin enticed;
And it shows the way to glory
If we follow Jesus Christ.

Precious Bible! in my bosom
Thy dear words a home shall find.
Countless blessings are, with beauty,
In Thy promises assigned;
My poor heart once roamed a desert,
Vast and dry, of withered sod,
Till Thy guidance brought me through it
To the living stream of God.

I will hide Thy words within me
Deep, where time cannot delete;
Thou art light upon my pathway,
And a lamp unto my feet;
Friend Thou art on life’s long journey
Biding through my hours of care,
And through heaven’s eternal ages—
Thou my treasure ever there.