Words: Del­ia T. White.

Music: (1838-1921).

If you know when this song was writ­ten, or where to get a pic­ture of Del­ia White

God sent His mighty pow’r
To this poor, sinful heart,
To keep me ev’ry hour,
And needful grace impart;
And since His Spirit came,
To take supreme control,
The love enkindled flame
Is burning in my soul.


’Tis burning in my soul,
’Tis burning in my soul;
The fire of heav’nly love is burning in my soul,
The Holy Spirit came,
All glory to His Name!
The fire of heav’nly love is burning in my soul.

Before the cross I bow,
Upon the altar lay
A willing off’ring now,
My all from day to day.
My Savior paid the price,
My name He sweetly calls;
Upon the sacrifice
The fire from Heaven falls.


No good that I have done,
His promise I embrace;
Accepted in the Son,
He saves me by His grace.
All glory be to God!
Let hallelujahs roll;
His love is shed abroad,
The fire is in my soul.