Words: , 1998.

Music: An­gel’s Sto­ry, , in The Meth­od­ist Sun­day School Hymn­book (Lon­don: 1881).

There is a mighty question we ask when nations rage:
Just when will be Christ’s coming, the ending of the age?
Take care, said Jesus clearly, for many will appear;
They’ll claim to be Messiah, yet people should not fear.

For in the days of Noah, the people went along
In eating and in drinking, in merriment and song—
Then suddenly the world changed with great, surprising power;
So too will be Christ’s coming, and no one knows the hour.

So keep awake and watchful; salvation is at hand!
Our hope is in Christ Jesus, and by God’s grace we stand.
The night is almost over, we wait for God’s new day,
And through the Holy Spirit, we follow Jesus’ way.

Be ready in your living, for when you feed the poor,
Or give to thirsty children the water they long for,
And when you welcome strangers and help the ones in need,
Christ says: “Receive my kingdom, for you are serving me.”