Words: , Hymns of Love and Praise, 1866.

Music: St. An­drew (Barn­by), , 1866.

Sweet is Thy mercy, Lord;
Before Thy mercy seat
My soul, adoring, pleads Thy Word,
And owns Thy mercy sweet.

My need and Thy desires
Are all in Christ complete;
Thou hast the justice truth requires,
And I Thy mercy sweet.

Where’er Thy Name is blest,
Where’er Thy people meet,
There I delight in Thee to rest,
And find Thy mercy sweet.

Light Thou my weary way,
Lead Thou my wandering feet,
That while I stay on earth I may
Still find Thy mercy sweet.

Thus shall the heavenly host
Hear all my songs repeat
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
My joy, Thy mercy sweet.