Words: , in Hymns and Vers­es by Sam­u­el Long­fel­low (Hough­ton, Miff­lin and Com­pa­ny, 1894). Original title: “The Sweet June Days Are Come Again.”

Music: Soll’s Sein, mel­ody from Drei Schöne Neue Geist­liche Lied­er (Mün­chen, Ger­ma­ny: 1637).

The summer days are come again;
Once more the glad earth yields
Her golden wealth of ripening grain,
And breadth of clover fields,
And deepening shade of summer woods,
And glow of summer air,
And winging thoughts, and happy moods
Of love and joy and prayer.

The summer days are come again;
The birds are on the wing;
God’s praises, in their loving strain,
Unconsciously they sing.
We know Who giveth all the good
That doth our cup o’erbrim;
For summer joy in field and wood
We lift our song to Him.