Words: I. F. Ley­da, 1916. Ley­da had a pub­lish­ing com­pa­ny in Wa­pel­lo, Io­wa.

Music: Ar­ranged from Beet­ho­ven by H. M. B.

If you know the au­thor or com­pos­er’s full name, or where to get pho­tos of them

Long ago the glorious Christmas star
Guided wise men from afar,
To the little town of Bethlehem,
To the Savior of all men.

Over hill, across the desert sand,
Slowly t’ward the Holy Land,
With them precious loving gifts they bring,
Asking for the newborn King.

When they saw the Child they all rejoiced,
Worshipped Him with tender voice,
Bowing low, presented gifts of love
To the Christ-child from above.