Words: , 1760; these words are a cen­to from the 39-stanza poem “Come Heav­en­ly Love, In­spire My Song,” in her Hymns on Sub­jects Chief­ly De­vo­tion­al, 1760.

Music: St. An­drew (Tan­s’ur), , 1735.

The Savior! O what endless charms,
Dwell in the blissful sound!
Its influence every fear disarms,
And spreads sweet comforts round.

Here pardon, life and joys divine,
In rich effusion flow,
For guilty rebels, lost in sin,
And doomed to endless woe.

Th’Almighty former of the skies
Stooped to our vile abode;
While angels viewed with wondering eyes,
And hailed th’incarnate God.

O the rich depths of love divine,
Of bliss, a boundless store!
Dear Savior, let me call Thee mine—
I cannot wish for more.