Words: , in Sun­day School Hymns No. 1, by , & (New York: Tull­ar-Mer­e­dith Co., 1903), num­ber 252.

Music: .

If you know where to get a pho­to of Flo­ra Kirk­land, or a better one of Harold Lowden

Sing out your gladsome carols,
Set all the echoes ringing!
Welcome the joyous season,
Welcome it now with singing.
Light in the midst of darkness,
Coming from realms of day;
Hail to the King of Glory,
’Neath the star He lay!


Welcome! welcome!
Joyous Christmas season!
All thy gladness hath a blessčd reason.
Welcome! welcome!
Joyous Christmas season!
Rich with blessings from above!

Up from the lowly manger,
Tell out the wondrous story!
Jesus Who brought salvation,
Dwells in His home in glory.
Looks with His love unceasing,
Down to the Christmas earth;
O let Him see increasing,
Faith in His great worth!


Memory so sweet and precious,
Christ in a manger dwelling!
Born in a lowly stable,
Coming from light excelling!
Seeking that lowest station,
Henceforth that all might know,
How He Who brought salvation,
Came God’s love to show.