Words: (1829-1902).

Music: James E. Stew­art, arranged by G. W. and E. M..

If you know when this song was writ­ten, the ar­rang­ers’ full names, or where to get pic­tures of them, Wake­field Mac­Gill, or James Stew­art

Lord, Thou hast gone two thousand years,
Yet they have never heard
Tidings of Thy redeeming love,
Or seen Thy holy Word.
Sleeping and still Thy Church has lain,
Heedless of the high command—
“Go forth to ev’ry tribe and tongue,
To ev’ry distant land.”


Send them, O Lord, to speak of Thee,
Telling of Thy love and grace;
Send them, O Lord, to tell of Thee,
To ev’ry tribe and race.

Once o’er this bright and favored land
Lay there the pall of night—
Gloom of a savage heathendom,
With foul and bloody rite.
Brave ones arose and came to us,
Bringing o’er the tidings sweet,
Then cruel men bent low to Thee,
And worshipped at Thy feet.


So would we do for other lands
Lying in deepest death,
Sinking to meet their awful doom
With ev’ry passing breath.
Hear, Jesus, hear our fervent pray’r,
Wake Thy sleeping Church to know
Her hour of privilege and pow’r,
And bid her rise and go.