Words: , in Hymns An­cient and Mo­dern, 1916.

Music: Port­sea, , in A Col­lect­ion of Mel­o­dies for the Psalms of Da­vid Ac­cord­ing to the Ver­sion of Christ­o­pher Smart A.M., cir­ca 1765. Alternate tune:

  • Batty, Mo­ra­vi­an mel­o­dy, 1745

Righteous Father, we have wronged Thee,
Underfoot Thy laws have cast:
Now we fain would serve Thee better,
O forgive us what is past.

Loving Jesus, we have hurt Thee,
Yielded to temptation’s blast:
Now we long to stand more firmly,
O forgive us what is past.

Holy Spirit, we have grieved Thee,
Sin and death have held us fast:
Now we yearn for life and freedom,
O forgive us what is past.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
God eternal, first and last,
Penitent we kneel before Thee,
O forgive us all the past.