Words: , in Church Mel­o­dies, by (New York: 1858).

Music: Schu­mann, from Can­ti­ca Laud­is, by and (New York: Ma­son & Law, 1850). Al­ter­nate tune:

  • Boyls­ton, , 1832

A parting hymn we sing
Around Thy table, Lord,
Again our grateful tribute bring,
Our solemn vows record.

Here have we seen Thy face,
And felt Thy presence here;
So may the savor of Thy grace,
In word and life appear.

The purchase of Thy blood,
By sin no longer led,
The path our dear Redeemer trod
May we rejoicing tread.

In self forgetting love
Be our communion shown,
Until we join the Church above,
And know as we are known.