Words: , in Mur­ray’s Hymn­al for the Use of the Eng­lish Church, 1852.

Music: St. Mi­chael, mel­o­dy by in the French Ge­ne­van Psal­ter, 1551; adapt­ed by in his Psalm Tunes, 1836.

Oh! what, if we are Christ’s,
Is earthly shame or loss?
Bright shall the crown of glory be
When we have borne the cross.

Keen was the trial once,
Bitter the cup of woe,
When martyred saints, baptized in blood,
Christ’s suffeirngs shared below:

Bright is their glory now,
Boundless their joy above,
Where, on the bosom of their God,
They rest in perfect love.

Lord, may that grace be ours,
Like them in faith to bear
All that of sorrow, grief or pain
May be our portion here.

Enough if Thou at last
The word of blessing give,
And let us rest beneath Thy feet,
Where saints and angels live.

All glory, Lord, to Thee,
Whom Heav’n and earth adore;
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
One God forevermore.