Words: (1853-1929).

Music: St. Mag­nus, at­trib­ut­ed to in The Di­vine Com­pan­ion, second edi­tion, by Hen­ry Play­­ford (Lon­don: 1707); har­mo­ny by , 1868.

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O Will of God beneath our life,
The sea beneath the wave:
From Thee we rise in mystic strife,
In Thee we find our grave.

O Truth of God beneath our faith,
The rock on which we rest:
Thy Mind is near, Thy Spirit saith
Our home is in Thy breast.

O Love of God beneath our loves,
The fountain to the stream:
The river of Thy peace it moves,
Its tide our surest dream.

O Life of God beneath our death,
The sun behind our gloom:
Thy Christ proclaims in every breath,
The world of fadeless bloom.