Words: , 1824.

Music: Wa­ver­ton, , 1876.

O Thou that hearest prayer,
Attend our humble cry,
And let Thy servants share
Thy blessing from on high:
We plead the promise of Thy Word;
Grant us Thy Holy Spirit, Lord.

If earthly parents hear
Their children when they cry,
If they, with love sincere,
Their children’s wants supply,
Much more wilt Thou Thy love display,
And answer when Thy children pray.

Our heavenly Father, Thou!
We, children of Thy grace!
O let Thy Spirit now
Descend, and fill the place;
That all may feel the heavenly flame,
And all unite to praise Thy Name.

O may that sacred Fire,
Descending from above,
Our quickened hearts inspire
With fervent zeal and love,
Enlighten our beclouded eyes,
And teach our earth-bound souls to rise.

And send Thy Spirit down
On all the nations, Lord,
With great success to crown
The preaching of Thy Word;
Till heathen lands shall own Thy sway,
And cast their idol-gods away.