Words: , 1871.

Music: War­ing, (1838-1896).

If you know when the mu­sic was writ­ten

O One with God the Father,
In majesty and might,
The Brightness of His glory,
Eternal Light of Light,
O’er this our home of darkness
Thy rays are streaming now;
The shadows flee before Thee,
The world’s true Light art Thou.

Yet, Lord, we but darkly,
O heavenly Light, arise,
Dispel these mists that shroud us,
And hide Thee from our eyes.
We long to track the footprints
That Thou Thyself hast trod;
We long to see the pathway
That leads to Thee our God.

O Jesus, shine around us,
With radiance of Thy grace;
O Jesus, turn upon us
The brightness of Thy face.
We need no star to guide us,
As on our way we press,
If Thou Thy light vouchsafest,
O Sun of Righteousness.