Words: (1820-1915).

Music: (1832-1915).

If you know when this song was writ­ten

’Tis only a little way on to my home,
And there in its sunshine for ever I’ll roam;
While all the day long I journey with song:
O beautiful Eden-land, thou art my home!


’Tis only a little way, only a little way;
’Tis only a little way on to my home!

’Tis only a little way farther to go,
O’er mountain and valley where dark waters flow;
My Savior is near with blessings to cheer;
His Word is my guiding star—why should I fear?


’Tis only a little way: there shall I see
The friends that in glory are waiting for me;
Their voices from home now float on the air—
They’re calling me tenderly, calling me there.