Words: (1864-1940).

Music: Se­ren­i­ty, adapt­ed by , 1856, from “Waft, Ye Winds,” by , 1836.

If you know when this hymn was writ­ten

O mind of God, broad as the sky,
The earth, the air, the sea,
Give us Thy broadening Spirit’s grace,
In sweet simplicity.

O heart of God, deep as the needs
Of all humanity,
Give unto us the kindlier soul,
The larger sympathy.

O will of God, high as all Heav’n,
With power superb and free,
Give us the will to do and dare,
In fullest liberty.

O large and free and glorious God,
With ways exceeding kind,
Give unto us Thy breadth of love,
In loving all mankind.