Words: Jo­hann Ut­en­ho­vi­us, cir­ca 1570 (O Gott, du un­ser Va­ter bist); pub­lished in Son­tags-Evan­gel­ia Ge­sang­weise, 1608. Trans­lat­ed from Ger­man to Swed­ish by , 1694 (O Gud, some hörer al­las röst); trans­lat­ed from Swed­ish to Eng­lish by , 1925.

Music: Heav­en­ly Host, Swed­ish tune, 1697.

O Lord, give heed unto our plea,
O Spirit, grant Thy graces,
That we who put our trust in Thee
May rightly sing Thy praises.
Thy Word, O Christ, unto us give,
That grace and pow’r we may receive
To follow Thee, our Master.

Touch Thou the shepherd’s lips, O Lord,
That in this blessèd hour
He may proclaim Thy sacred Word
With unction and with power.
What Thou wouldst have Thy servant say,
Put Thou into his heart, we pray,
With grace and strength to say it.

Let heart and ear be opened wide
Unto Thy Word and pleading;
Our minds, O Holy Spirit, guide
By Thine own light and leading.
The law of Christ we would fulfill,
And walk according to His will,
His Word our rule of living.