Words: (1876-1968).

Music: Can­on­bu­ry, adapt­ed from Nacht­stück, Op­us 23, No. 4, by , 1839.

If you know when this hymn was writ­ten

O Jesus, Youth of Nazareth,
Preparing for the bitter strife,
Wilt Thou impart to every heart
Thy perfect purity of life?

O Christ Whose words make dear the fields
And hillsides green of Galilee,
Grant us to find with reverent mind
The truth Thou saidst should make us free.

O suffering Lord on Calvary,
Whom love led on to mortal pain,
We know Thy cross is not a loss
If we Thy love shall truly gain.

O Master of abundant life,
From natal morn to victory’s hour,
We look to Thee, heed Thou our plea,
Teach us to share Thy ageless power.