Words: , 1848; first pub­lished in the Bap­tist Harp, 1849.

Music: Webb, , 1830.

Our country’s voice is pleading,
Ye men of God, arise!
His providence is leading,
The land before you lies;
Day-gleams o’er it are brightening,
And promise clothes the soil;
Wide fields, for harvest whitening,
Invite the reaper’s toil.

Go where the waves are breaking
On California’s shore,
Christ’s precious Gospel taking,
More rich than golden ore;
On Allegheny’s mountains,
Through all the western vale,
Beside Missouri’s fountains,
Rehearse the wondrous tale.

The love of Christ unfolding,
Speed on from east to west,
Till all, His cross beholding,
In Him are fully blest.
Great Author of salvation,
Haste, haste the glorious day,
When we, a ransomed nation,
Thy scepter shall obey!