Words: , 2005 (re­leased to the pub­lic dom­ain):

The Church has suf­fered a great deal be­cause of the world’s at­tack on the home. At the time I started ‘O Christ­ian Home,’ in 2005, I was en­courag­ed by a num­ber of signs point­ing to a re­newed in­ter­est in the Christ­ian home, as dis­tinct­ive from the world. The key­stone, however, to my en­cour­age­ment was my sis­ter’s mar­ri­age in Au­gust, 2005 to a God-fear­ing man who un­der­stands the Bi­ble’s com­ple­ment­a­ry view of man and wo­man. His name is Jo­shua Schultz, and thus the hymn tune is named af­ter him.

Music: Schultz, Joshua F. Drake, 2005 (re­leased to the pub­lic dom­ain).

O Christian home, you humble place,
Where God’s own kingdom grows, by grace,
With Christ himself as head—
In you live bold and steadfast men
And wives who guard their hearts from sin
As both by Christ are led.

In you a man may love his bride
Enough to be her guard and guide,
And rule with tender heart.
And wives will gladly work in you
To aid the good their husbands do—
Delighted in their part.

For Christian homes have jobs for all.
If one’s undone, the house may fall,
Though be it help or head.
And there a child will know his place:
The seed of Abrah’m, marked for grace,
And loved, as our Lord said:

“For such do fill the Land of God,”
Where we’ll need no firm words, no rod
To put us in our place.
There husbands, wives, sons, daughters we
Like children safe at home will be,
For we are called by grace.