Words: (1852-1933).

Music: Al­ford, , in Hymns An­cient and Mo­dern, 1875.

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No form of human framing, no bond of outward might,
Can bind Thy Church together, Lord, and all her flocks unite;
But, Jesus, Thou hast told us how unity must be:
Thou art with God the Father one, and we are one in Thee.

The mind that is in Jesus will guide us into truth,
The humble, open, joyful mind of ever-learning youth;
The heart that is in Jesus will lead us out of strife,
The giving and forgiving heart that follows love in life.

Wherever men adore Thee, our souls with them would kneel;
Wherever men implore Thy help, their trouble we would feel;
And where men do Thy service, though knowing not Thy sign,
Our hand is with them in good work, for they are also Thine.

Forgive us, Lord, the folly that quarrels with Thy friends,
And draw us near to Thy heart, where every discord ends;
Thou art the crown of manhood, and Thou of God the Son;
O Master of our many lives, in Thee our life is one.