Words: and , A New Version of the Psalms of Da­vid, 1696.

Music: He Lead­eth Me, , Gold­en Cen­ser (New York: 1864).

No change of time shall ever shock
My firm affection, Lord, to Thee;
For Thou hast always been a Rock,
A Fortress and Defense to me.
Thou my Deliverer art, my God;
My trust is in Thy mighty power:
Thou art my Shield from foes abroad;
At home, my Safeguard and my Tower.

To Thee I will address my prayer,
To whom all praise we justly owe;
So shall I, by Thy watchful care,
Be guarded safe from every foe.
Let the eternal Lord be praised,
The Rock on whose defense I rest:
O’er highest heavens His Name be raised,
Who me with His salvation blest.