Words: , 1851.

Music: Flemming, , 1811.

Night’s shadows falling men to rest are calling;
Rest we, possessing heav’nly peace and blessing:
This we implore Thee, falling down before Thee,
Great King of Glory!

O Savior, hear us! Son of God, be near us!
Thine angels send us; let Thy love attend us:
He nothing feareth, whom Thy presence cheereth,
Light his path cleareth.

Be near, relieving all who now are grieving;
Thy visitation be our consolation:
O hear the sighing of the faint and dying;
Lord, hear our crying!

Thou ever livest; endless life Thou givest;
Thou watch art keeping o’er Thy faithful sleeping;
In Thy clear shining they are now reclining,
All care resigning.

O Lord of Glory, praise we and adore Thee—
Thee for us given, our true Rest from Heaven!
Rest, peace, and blessing, we are now possessing,
Thy Name confessing.